Are Online UK Degrees Recognised in Hong Kong? 英國網上學位課程是否在香港獲得認可

A common worry for many when researching an online degree is whether the qualification is recognised or whether it’s ‘real’.

It’s a fair concern. There are a number of fake degrees out there especially in this part of the world. Understandably, students don't trust the online degree.

Another concern is whether the course is on the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF). There’s a perception that if the course isn’t on the HKQF than it'll hinder an individual’s chances of employment in the future.

This article will help you understand why a UK degree has a good reputation amongst employers worldwide by explaining the role of the UK Quality Assurance Agency and why it’s comparable to the HKQF. You’ll also gain insight into why an online degree is identical to an on-campus degree in terms of recognition.




What is UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)?

All publicly-funded UK Universities including the likes of Oxford, Manchester or Cambridge are reviewed by the QAA, an independent body that monitors and safeguards standards in UK higher education.

All UK degrees from these Universities whether online or not are quality assured against standards set out in the QAA’s Quality Code.

If an online University isn’t officially recognised by the QAA, then your degree may not be recognised by employers.

Getting a degree from a UK University that is reviewed and monitored by the QAA is a must to ensure that your degree is of a high standard.

Thanks to the UK’s robust and long-standing quality assurance infrastructure, employers trust that UK degrees are reputable and globally recognised.




What if the Online Degree is Not on the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF)?

Some people believe that if a course is not on the HKQF employers will somehow not recognise it. The line of thinking might be as follows:

Not on the HKQF, not quality assured, employers won’t recognise them.

This is a misconception.

Yes, qualifications recognised under the HKQF are quality assured in accordance with standards set by the Hong Kong Education Bureau, however, this doesn’t mean that courses outside of Hong Kong don’t go through a similar quality assurance process.

UK degrees recognised under the UK’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) are quality assured against standards set out in the UK QAA’s Quality Code.

In fact, some might say that the HKQF is based largely on the UK system, especially considering Hong Kong is a former British colony.


Essentially, each country has its own quality assurance mechanism. The quality, reputation and therefore recognition of the course is dependent upon the reputation of the University and the countries higher education system.

The UK’s higher education system is one of the best and most recognised in the world. It has a colourful and extensive history of quality higher education and its Universities are well-respected worldwide.

Employers recognise this and look favourably upon UK degrees.

If there are issues with recognition, any background check made by the employer with the awarding University will clarify things.

如果Online Degree沒有在香港資歷架構上怎麼辦?



課程不在香港資歷架構上, 沒有教學質量保證,僱主也不會承認。









Are Online UK Degrees Less Recognised than Degrees Obtained On-Campus?

No, the certificate that is awarded to you doesn’t mention how the degree was obtained, whether it be on-campus or online.

Online degrees are equal in status and standing to qualifications gained on-campus and are therefore recognised equally.

You just need to make sure that your online degree is officially recognised and acknowledged by highly reputable bodies. Whether its on the HKQF or not is ultimately irrelevant to employers.

英國Online Degree的認可程度低於在校修讀的學位嗎?

不是,授予您的證書沒有提到學位是如何獲得的,無論是校內還是網上學位課程的。您只需確保您的網上學位課程得到官方機構的認可。 無論是這個學位否在香港資歷架構上,是與僱主無關的。

*If you still have any doubts about the authenticity of the certificate, you may visit to verify. HEDD is similar to HKQF, the only difference is they are in charge of verifying UK awarded degree.

*如果您仍然懷疑證書的真實性,您可以到進行驗證。 HEDD與香港資歷架構類似,唯一的區別是他們負責核實英國授予的學位。

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