Effective Remote Working Tips for You 在家工作 – 最有效的執行之道

To control the spread of Covid-19, the government has enforced Movement Control Order (MCO). Many organizations are affected and especially those who work in the service industry as working from home isn’t an option for their business nature. Whereas, to cope with the current situation, many organizations have since trying to sort out how they can adapt to the work from home culture. Employees are required to work from home in order to minimize the damage caused to the company during this pandemic. 為了控制Covid-19的擴散,政府已執行了行動管制令。許多組織將會受到影響,尤其是那些在服務業工作的人員,因為他們的行業性質沒辦法讓他們在家辦公。鑑於當前的情況,許多公司一直在試圖迎合以及嘗試適應在家工作的方式來減少行動管制令對公司利潤造成的損害。 A research conducted by Buffer shows the pros and cons of working remo

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