11 Sales Skills Every Sales Representative Must Master 11個銷售代表都必須掌握的銷售技巧

Are you a businessman or sales representative? If yes, this blog might be very useful for you! Telemarketing is not about picking up the phone and chatting with customers. Since the ultimate goal of this call is to meet customers and get orders, it is definitely important to use some telemarketing techniques to help you get your customers on-the-go faster. Here are 11 practical phone appointment tips, let's take a look! 您是商人還是公司銷售代表嗎?如果是,這篇文章可能對您非常有用! 電話銷售並不是拿起電話和客戶聊天,既然這通電話的最終目的是約見客戶,拿下訂單,當然有必要採用一些電話銷售技巧來幫助你更有效地約見客戶。下面例舉了11個實用的電話約見技巧,我們來看看吧! Tip 1: Remember to smile Speaking with a smile conveys a very pleasant feeling and customers will be in a good mood on the other side of that telephone

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