Why UK MBA Can Be Completed In A Year? 為什麼英國碩士只需一年

Students often ask why master's degree offered by local universities take two to three years to complete. On the other hand, United States and Australia master's degree take two years, but British master's degree can be completed in a year. Will the duration of my studies affect the quality of education? 很多學生問為什麼國內碩士要兩到三年,美國及澳大利亞碩士也要兩年,而英國碩士只要一年,會不會出現含金量不如其它國家的問題? Let us enlighten you as to why the duration needed to complete British master’s degree can be completed in a short period of time yet it will not affect the education quality. 讓我們告诉你為什麼完成英國碩士學位所需的時間很短,但不會影響教育質量。 Although the British master's degree takes only one year to complete, the courses and assignments are well-arranged to en

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