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Why Study an MBA?

Why Study an MBA?

With its birth in the US, the MBA degree has become a truly global qualification transcending national and cultural boundaries in its relevance to global business.

In recent years, the hotbed of growth in MBA hiring activity has been within the Asia-Pacific region, and this continues to grow. The MBA is becoming more relevant than ever.

The Asian marketplace is characterised by constant change and flux. This presents opportunity for the self-motivated and pro-active individual to enter higher levels within industry and increase personal wealth.

But how will gaining an MBA help you with this?

1. Keeping one step ahead

Typically, a professional may reach a point in their career where progress starts to stagnate. Being smart and hardworking, you may have got promotions and occupied decent positions within management, but the momentum of progress slows down.


In today’s knowledge-based economy, most of the people around you will possess the same credentials and qualities as you.

The MBA degree will set you apart, demonstrating that you have the drive, the ambition and the self-belief to reach senior management.

It'll equip you with the ability to think strategically and you'll possess an overview and sensitivity to the functions of a business.

2. Walking a different path

Consider this:

You've been working as a Human Resources Assistant for quite some time, and your work and academic background reflect this. However, you have a strong desire to fulfill your hearts calling.

You have a secret passion for Marketing.

How is it possible to make such a radical change in career path at such an advanced stage in your career?

An MBA degree offers a holistic look at a business whilst also diving in to each facet of what makes a business function. You'll get a good insight into the area that you're passionate about and also how that area fits in to and impacts the rest of a business.

3. Thinking critically

Being fully immersed in your business or your job, it can sometimes be difficult to take a step away.

You need to evaluate your situation with a cool, critical eye.

The MBA teaches you how to analyse key areas of business; teaching you how to manage people, develop and market products and provide the right kind of customer service.

You’ll be encouraged to assess how you can improve each individual area using up-to-date techniques and methodologies, putting them into practice wherever you work.

4. Creating new connections

When creating new networks we can hardly guess how important and relevant those networks turn out be.

A business savvy individual knows that new business cards and new networks add a valuable web of potential future resources.

When studying an MBA, you'll be joined by a multi-cultural, multi-background cohort from various levels within different industries. This provides a fertile environment where mutually beneficial relationships can grow.

Whenever you expand your network, you increase your potential to change the course of your life and steer your career in the direction of your passions.

5. Becoming a better self

The language of business is the language of money and you need to become well-versed in this if you're going to reach the heights that you're capable of.

An MBA degree will give you a 360 degree overview of how to run a business and how to manage people. You'll enhance your leadership skills, communication skills, strategic thinking and problem-solving during your interactions and intellectual debates.

An MBA forces you to rise out of your comfort zone and confront current issues. You'll apply the most up-to-date management techniques and consistently challenge yourself.

The only possible outcome is your own evolution and with that comes professional and material wealth.

Tips on how to choose the right MBA degree:

  • International recognition: Make sure the MBA awards that you're considering are internationally-recognised and quality assured by a reputable national higher education framework.

  • Flexibility: Look for an MBA which easily fits around your work and family commitments, so that you don’t have to take time off work.

  • Duration: Most traditional MBA programmes that involve face-to-face teaching usually take around 2 years to complete. However, if you're time-sensitive then there are online MBA pathways that allow you to gain an MBA in only 12 months!

  • Affordability: If you're looking to save the pennies, there are MBA options that require you to follow unique pathways that reduces the cost of the whole MBA. Institutions also offer installment plans to make payments more manageable.

  • Alternative entry requirements: If you don't have the traditional academic qualifications required for entry, look for an MBA pathway that considers other aspects of your background, for instance, work experience.

  • Current content: Make sure the content of the MBA award is up to date and relevant to modern business and management practices. The content should be international in scope and preferably be taught by tutors that have had exposure to international business practices.


At Douglas Business School, we offer online MBA pathways that can be completed in 12 months. Our internationally recognised MBA options give busy people the flexibility to fit study around their work and family commitments, whether you have a bachelor degree or not.

For more information check out our course list here.


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