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5 Aspects to Consider for Choosing a Strong Research Topic 選擇一個強有力的論文研究課題需要考慮的 5 個方面

Research work is a vital component of Master’s programme as it provides students the opportunity to conduct in-depth study in a particular area of interest. Students have to focus on the chosen topic, perform cognitive activities with the aim of obtaining new knowledge and finding solution for possible challenges.


Picking the right research topic is one of the most important considerations of every research. A research topic forms the foundation for all the efforts a researcher puts in the research. However, keep in mind that the research topic you choose must be narrowed down to your workable limits. You need to make sure that the topic you are interested is workable. You need a focused, directional, clear and specific research problem. This needs a lot of brainstorming and you need to look at the research topic from all perspectives. Sometimes there are very interesting topics that could not be narrowed down and such topics cannot make a good research topic.