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4 Self-evaluation Tips for High Career Performers 優秀上班族採用的4種自我評估技巧

Annual performance review is common to all of us. According to a recent study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in California, as many as 72% of companies still conduct an annual employee appraisal.


Professionals believe that evaluations are a great tool for the development of their career. However, besides receiving third-party feedback, the ability to do self-evaluation is also important.


Self-evaluation is an exercise that must be done periodically. It is a great way of understanding your performance and to keep your development persistent. A good self-evaluation exercise can prove your worth and give you the motivation to do better in your career.


On balance, it is an exercise of introspection and a moment to reflect about yourself. It helps you see things that can be improved and which aspects has the potential for development, understanding your strengths and weaknesses as allies.


No idea how to start evaluating your own performance? No worries. We’ve listed out 4 important tips for you to make an excellent self-evaluation.


1. List your strengths and weaknesses 列出你的優點和缺點

At this point, you need to be as honest as you can to list down all your strengths and weaknesses. You need to admit your flaws and don’t be shy to recognize your merits.


Don’t know what to take into consideration? Here’s some simple questions to help start you off.

• What do you do best?

• What valuable skills you possess?

• How can you help your team members grow?

• In which situations are you most uncomfortable?

• What are your greatest challenges?


• 你最擅長什麼?

• 您擁有哪些有價值的技能?

• 您如何幫助團隊成員成長?

• 您在哪種情況下感到最不適?

• 您最大的挑戰是什麼?