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11 Sales Skills Every Sales Representative Must Master 11個銷售代表都必須掌握的銷售技巧

Are you a businessman or sales representative? If yes, this blog might be very useful for you!

Telemarketing is not about picking up the phone and chatting with customers. Since the ultimate goal of this call is to meet customers and get orders, it is definitely important to use some telemarketing techniques to help you get your customers on-the-go faster. Here are 11 practical phone appointment tips, let's take a look!



Tip 1: Remember to smile

Speaking with a smile conveys a very pleasant feeling and customers will be in a good mood on the other side of that telephone conversation. Once the customer feel affinity, they tend to listen and believe to you more.



Tip 2: Indicates that this conversation will not take up too much time

“Can I have 2 minutes of your time?”

In order to let the other party be willing to continue the call, the most common method is to ask for a two-minute listening time from your customer. When the person hears two minutes, he/she usually has the idea of ​​"just two minutes anyway, just listen to it." In fact, do you really only talk for two minutes?


為了讓對方願意繼續這通電話,我最常用的方法就是請對方給我兩分鐘,而一般人聽到兩分鐘時,通常都會出現「反正才兩分鐘,就聽聽看好了」的想法實際上。 ,你真的只講兩分鐘嗎?這得看個人的功力了!

Tip 3: Tone and voice pitch must be consistent

Generally, people always start their conversation in English. But once you get to know your customer, you’ll figure out what language they prefer. If you’re able to speak their native or preferred language, you’ll create a closer bond with your customers by making the conversation more casual.



Tip 4: Make good use of the opening remarks

A good opening statement encourage your customer to participate in the conversation. Therefore, besides asking your customer to give you 2 minutes of their time, it is very important to know what you want to present next. To understand more about the other party's thoughts, you may ask them: " What are your opinions on the recently launched products?"



Tip 5: Use the techniques of pause and retention

When we want to lock down an appointment with our client and we need them to set a time and place, we can use the pause technique. For example, when you ask the other person: "Do you like morning or afternoon?", give a pause and let the other party answer you. By using the pause technique, you can make the other person feel respected.

On the other hand, retention technique can be used when you encounter questions that are inconvenient to be explained on the phone or a difficult question that you may need time to find out the answer. For example, when the customer inquire about rates over the phone, you can tell them it would be better to set an appointment and discuss face-to-face as calculations will be given to them. Keeping the discussion until the appointment day is also a skill to secure your appointment.