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The Benefits of Online Learning

The Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning offers a number of advantages for busy people who have time-demanding obligations. None bigger than the ability to gain a degree anywhere and at any time.

Small wonder, then, why online learning has taken off with universities, corporations and among professionals.

With an online degree, your life won’t change that much. The only difference being, your free time will be focused more towards studying than other activities.

Here are some reasons why online learning might be a smart choice for you:

1. Lower Cost

You can literally save thousands of dollars to get a degree.

Online learning doesn’t use traditional classroom space or equipment. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection (and maybe a cup of coffee now and again).

Tuition fees are obviously lower, but there are hidden costs which you’ll avoid also.

You won’t need to cut down on work hours to fit around your lecture schedule nor will you need spend time and money on travel. To top it off, you'll still be able to spend quality time with family.

2. Fit Study Around Work

Working long hours in Hong Kong is normal. Career progression is also a priority. How do you comfortably fit both in?

Online learning allows you to fit study around your work schedule so that you can gain the necessary qualifications to move up the ladder.

There are no fixed timetables or lecture schedules. You won’t need to rush across the city to get to a class on time.

You study at a time that suits you.

This does mean that you’ll need to prioritise some time during the week to study, but it will be a time of YOUR choosing.

3. Same Quality And Recognition

The University doesn’t make a distinction between online learning and on-campus learning.

The certificate you’re awarded when you complete the programme is identical to students who studied on-campus.

It doesn’t mention that you studied online. It just mentions the important stuff: the University name, your name, your degree and the University emblem.

Also, studying a degree from a recognised UK University is respected by employers all over the globe. That’s thanks to the long history of the well-trusted UK higher education system.

People look up to the it.

Just make sure that the UK University is reviewed and monitored by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

4. Better Learning Environment and Greater Ability To Concentrate

Feel more comfortable studying in your pajamas? Better able to concentrate in a dimly lit room with only your computer and the sounds of Beethoven?

Without the disruption of physical class sessions, you’ll study wherever makes you feel comfortable.

You won’t have to fight traffic, find parking spaces, leave work early or miss important family time to get to lec