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Is Distance Learning right for you?

Download a free course delivery guide and brochure to find out how a distance learning course can fit into your life.

You may even be eligible for a discount of up to $9,000 off your tuition fees!

Distance Learning MBA brochure
Distance Learning Course Delivery Guide
What is Distance Learning?

What is Distance Learning?

Basically, to study by distance learning means just that; you can study from a distance. You don’t need to be on campus or in a physical classroom. You can study a UK degree from your own home in Hong Kong and in the evening or the weekend when you’re free. It’s a very good option if you’re looking for flexibility.

Choosing to study a distance learning course at Douglas Business School will allow you to bring the classroom to wherever you are. You’ll be able to study at a distance, in your own time, at your own pace. You can think of it as having a virtual classroom at your fingertips.

Our Distance Learning Courses

Our Distance Learning Courses

A distance learning degree has the same quality and level as a degree studied on campus in the UK. That’s because everything you get on campus, you’ll get online. You’ll also receive an equivalent of a full-time certificate that won’t mention how or where you studied.

Being in Hong Kong won’t hinder your ability to gain a UK degree, as you’ll have a team of experts teaching you online and supervisors that will guide you through the course content and module assessments.

Student at home studying a distance learning Hong Kong course

Online learning brings the classroom to your living room

Distance Learning Advantages

Distance Learning Advantages

  • You can carry on earning money as you learn. You won’t need to take time of work or skip important meetings.

  • You’ll be able to continue seeing friends, looking after your kids, going on day trips whilst spending your spare time studying virtually.

  • You won’t have to march half way across Hong Kong to attend a lecture after a long day at work, as everything is online.

  • A distance learning course can be accessed anywhere – on a bus, on the MTR, in your living room after the kids have gone to bed etc. All you need is access to the internet.

  • The certificate you gain once you graduate is exactly the same as the certificate a student on campus in the UK receives – it doesn’t mention that you studied a distance learning course and is of equal value.

  • You’ll have access to an extensive online library for additional course materials, journals and e-books. Why go to a physical library and spend half an hour travelling and trying to find a single book when you have it all on your laptop, in an instant.

Support All the Way to Graduation

Support All the Way to Graduation

All our distance learning students are supported by tutors and supervisors from enrolment to graduation. Whether you’re in Hong Kong or away on a business trip, you’ll have a support team behind you with one goal; to give you a rewarding distance learning experience and get you to the finish line.

Distance Learning Student in Hong Kong on Skype

Skype and email connects you to tutors from any location.

Online Learning Platform

At each stage, you’ll be able to access the learning materials, e-books and associated documents via easy to use online learning platform. This is where you’ll submit assignments, join discussions and receive feedback.

There will be live and recorded webinars which will be all accessible through the learning platform. It’ll be like having your own lecture in the comfort of your home.

Online Learning Platform

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